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Hi Guys hope someone can help
got a 59 plate 93 turbo TID 150 saloon with Grundig/Delphi sat nav (stopped working) 7 speakers and amp in left side of boot
bought this
came with connects2 part CTSSA001.2 and a fakra adapter
Problems Low level continuous Hiss (with or without engine running)
Above level 3 to 4 volume is VERY LOUD
FM reception very poor to non existent improves if i hold the silver part of the adapter and move it about connecting the blue power lead on the adapter makes no difference if anything its worse (original radio picks stations up OK )
AM reception non existent
many thanks in advance guys
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Blue and white is amp power .
I know this is prolly getting you a bit frustrated
But just to recap if you use the iso for the speakers are you powering the amp,and is that where you are finding volume level too high ?
So what you have done is use the pre outs ( I'e rca connectors ) and not powered the amp and now have no,sound at all ?
Sorry for sounding a bit trick , but I'm just getting my brain in gear ! :crazy:
I know this is prolly getting you a bit frustrated lol just a little bit
pretty sure Amp was turned on as all i did was unplug the ISO connector, plug in the pre outs then plug in the ISO from the pre outs
blue AMP wire is connected

Gone of the day of a tape deck
you forgot to mention 8 tracks lol
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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