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Hi everbody,

I have trouble with my 2.3FPT Auto Trans. I just have received my Maptun Stage 1 ECU and can not get higher boost compared to stock ECU. I guess there's leak somewhere but can not find just now.

I disconnected W port of APC solenoid but during test ride I couldn't observe harsh boost to hit fuel cut. Could it be faulty wastegate actuator, APC solenoid, leak at boost hoses, intercooler? I couldn't measure the boost values myself(Yet no calibrated gauge but ordered one fm Elkparts soon to come).

For an accurate comparison I need base/constant/peak boost values and the vacuum at idle.

I am extremely confused. Can you suggest a checklist for trouble shooting??? If you need further information pls. let me know cause I do not know what symptoms I must follow and where to start..

Thanks for your support...
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