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Hello from a long time lurker!

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I have used your forum for years and decided to join recently as Saab's seem to run in the family. We are on our third now and the in-laws have had 10-20 of them.

The current one is a relatively clean 2000 9-5 Estate in dark blue. There is the usual rear arch rust to look forward to, but there is some many positives about this car, that I'm willing to over look the minor issues.

Since picking this one up, I've just started working on it and it's had a front brake service, a brake fluid change, plugs and a proper dig around looking for future issues, which are.....
Rear shock weeping
Front lower ball joint

So I expect you'll see me again soon.

(Some of you may recognise my username from Vauxhall forums, yes I'm the same person, say hi if you remember me!)

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