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Hello all, hello BillJ...

2192 Views 9 Replies 7 Participants Last post by  Zip to this board, but been frequenting Saabnet for a few years.

I live a couple of miles from Bill Jones - I wondered where he had got to, 'cos we don't see him on Saabnet anymore.

Shall be taking a more active interest over here now...

97 Aero 108k Black over Cream
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Hi, Zip. Welcome to Saabscene

Last time I tried posting on that other board, it seemed the boss there had decided I was no longer welcome (nor were links to my site)

I'm more than welcome here, as are you

I'd sort of assumed you'd sold the Aero - I know you were considering it some time ago.
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Wondered when you'd pop up here!!
Got your stereo sorted yet or are you still crusing around singing to yourself??

Welcome to Saabscene! See you soon
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Zip, have you now got a personalised registration on your Aero? I saw one today like yours but registration xx 4ERO. If it was you, I was following you for a while from the Magic Roundabout out the Leighton Buzzard road in a blue B-reg 90. Passed the Aero at the last roundabout where it went straight on and I turned right.

Do you mean this Bill Jones or could it be this one

Originally posted by Alan_b:
[qb]or could it be  this one[/qb][/b]
I haven't worn my hair that long for a few years now...
Wasn't me Bill. IF I get a personal plate, it will have something "ZIP" related in it...

I have seen that car. There is another P-reg black over cream just off Belswains Lane (can't recall the road) as well.

See you round

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