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yeah,its got ACC,but when you say if its manually operated,no Iv'e got these buttons on the heater facia that say 'floor','vent',or 'bi-vent',its when you press one these buttons you hear 'clicking' and 'whirring' sounds as if its opening something somewhere (what should be the vents) but its not.But Where exactly is this actuator motor thats behind the dash,I mean Iv'e taken the 'lid' off the dash and I was looking inside and did see a motor (to the right hand side of the top vent),(thats the one in the centre of the dash next to the clock).
When I pressed one of these buttons stated above I could see some kind of small steel arm type thingy (about half the size of a pencil,and slightly thinner)moving,but I dont know what (if anything) its supposed to move,well obviously a vent somewhere.
I know this a very long letter to try and describe something,but I couldnt think of any other way,hope this sheds some light on it cheers.
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