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I finally got round to doing this today, in fact I did it by accident!

I had expected evil and bloodshed and so thought I'd do a little bit each evening this week since I don't need the car.

After about an hour I'd got it all in bits and the core out.

Mine is a 1993 with the lower inlet manifold and I didn't remove the plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen, I didn't remove any part of the windscreen wiper mechanism and obviously didn't remove any parts of the throttle body.

Nor did I drain the cooling system and lost very little fluid.

The only bit I got stuck on was the plastic clips at the bottom - I couldn't see what was holding the blower motor housing in place but a quick web search sorted that out.

As far as replacement, it took about 10 mins to get the blower motor housing back in and then the rest was plain sailing.

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