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I am installing some 1999 saab 9-5 seats in a honda. They are heated and electric

I've seen the post by "Eric" about the wiring but I am working on making a complete diagram as well as understand the functions. I will post pics when I get home. I have traced all the wires with my multimeter

1st up is the driver's memory seat control module:
On the 8-pin Power plug
Pin #1 BLU/RED
Pin #2 -BLANK-
Pin #3 -BLANK-
Pin #4 GRN
Pin #5 -BLANK-
Pin #8 WHT

I assume the HEAVY RED and BLACK are main power, what do the thinner WHT, GRN, and BLU/RED wires do for the module? Are these an ignition/neutral interlock? (All the motors hook up to another plug and all the switch wires hook up to the third)

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Heater switch
here's a writeup I found for an older Saab. the wire colors are different but the plug looks the same, I am basing this info on this

Here's my switch taken apart

Yellow Connector Pinout:
1 -
2 (PRP) 12v run input
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 - (GRN/WHT) Return from heater???
7 (BLU/WHT) Illumination input
8 -
9 (BLK) Ground
10 (GRN/RED) Output to heater
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