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Hi guys
After a SID alert to a xenon headlight failure, the mechanic tested the bulb, then the ballast and finally the control unit that seats under the headlight itself. This was the problem as the connector was full of moisture. The unit itself seemed ok, but he gave it a clean with compressed air. After the assemble it worked right away and today it also worked even through an immense fog for about 18km.

This left headlight (LHD car) has a very little moisture in the left corner, but this must be recent, In more than 16 years I've never noticed it before. About a month ago I had to remove the rubber strip on both headlights (MY2005) as there were bits missing and quit rotten, and replaced them with a window rubber seal. It is unnoticed until 2 or 3 meters away...It didn't seem that water could enter from the side, where the new rubber was fit, but more tests were needed. I believe the problem will occur again in the future, so my question is: What is the best way to find where the moisture comes from?
The bulb rubber seals are ok. I checked the prices for a new xenon headlight and it's scary! ;)
Thanks and regards!
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