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Hello All,

The job is complete, I would like to thank this forum and anyone else who inputted in helping me.

It took longer than I thought, I reckon I have put in 30hrs, 10 of them was just on the turbo stud nuts and the inlet manifold

Only prob at start-up was a small coolant leak but that was my fault as I had connected a jubilee clip back up 180 degrees out of sync, however it did blast away the old oil on the gearbox cover.

Also fitted some new silicon hose, looks good.

Fitted also new ex manfi- turbo gasket, also new exhaust studs,spacers,washers,nuts. That little lot cost me £70 from Saab

Will change oil to fully syn in 300 miles or so.

Next job intercooler.

Lastly, would like to write up a report for completing the task, so as to help people with this in the future.

Any ideas how to go about it ?

TIA Haggag01
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