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Hi everyone/.

Bit quite lately, illness in family, so a bit distracted...

Anyway, Got car booked in to a local garage next wednesday, for a couple of days.

Having done:
Head Gasket replaced (Gasket set).
New battery.
Refurbished G/Teed Starter motor.
Full Service.
Air Con Re-charge.
Obvious odds and sods that go with the above(?), and probably new timing chain at extra cost while engine in bits !!

Including VAT and Labour, I should still have change for a few beers out of £.600.00.

Shame I cannot afford full timing kit, gearbox rebuilt etc, but there you go....

This is all from a mechanic who is pretty familiar with SAABS, and who has just done the gaskets job on another 9000 (gather it is a real beast, having had massive money spent on mods by present owner - will have to find out more !!)
for around 350.00 fully inclusive for head gasket kit.

Above not intended as an advert, plug or anything, just illustrating that I am getting a lot of work done for less than a main dealer would probably charge for gaskets alone, so above could apply to anyone ( who, like me, doesnt know one end of a spanner from the other)

Will let you know next week how car is going.

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