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Hi All,

My first time of posting..

Have owned my Saab 1989 T16S 2 door saloon for 5 years. Car currently has the following mods.

Abbott Racing :-

Gas Flowed Cylinder Head + Matched and Blended Ports, Larger Inlet Valves (2.3L), Charge Cooler, Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust,

3 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator, and three way bleed valve.

Red box APC

K&N Replacement Air Filter Element.

17” team dynamics wheels

car is de-badged.

I would like to upgrade the following, would value you your opinions.

AIR INTAKE , speedparts/KN57i or has anyone tried fitting a Viper Style intake, Cold air feed, Intake pipe from behind the bumper or by the oil cooler.

QUICK SHIFT, anyone know of one?

FAST ROAD CAMS is there such things?

LOWER & STIFFER SUSPENSION Would like Ebachs and Koni Adjustables. Good? Where from?

FRONT STRUT BRACE There must be one to fit?

IGNITION LEADS / COIL / PLUGS Anyone found an upgrade worth the cash?

Re-circ Dump Vavle Much improvement? Which one? Where?

APC upgrade Better than red box? Which is Best, Abbott, Maptun, Speedparts.. other?

Lighten/aluminium fly wheel Thoughts and possible places of purchase?

Brake upgrade, disks, pads, hoses have thought about goodridge SS hoses, mintex pads and grey iron disks. Any Suggestions?

Im hoping that you will have lots of opinions on this and that some of them will AGREE with each other.

Cheers Simon

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Hi Jez and Eric,

Thank you both very much for your comments.

It was past my bedroom when i wrote the list of things i was after some point on.

Think it would have been better to have post one at time and worked through them that way... I might still do that..

With regards to the struct brace, what i should have said was .... is there a rear strut brace and has any one ever braced the front and if so was there any improvement?

The quickshift.. has anyone tried the one eric mentions?

I think i'll start with the hoses for the brakes, and the koni shocks and "some" springs.

Still wondering what can be done to improve the breathing side of things? Cold air feed would be nice.

I come back to the other things in smaller doses.

Just got a litle carried away.... anymore posting that long i'll get carted away by the men in white coats... lol

If you fit 9000 calipers, do you need to get 9000 grey iron disks or 900?

And where is best to get disc and pads?

I know.... i need spoon feeding.. use to have time and patients to source and choose myself, but running owe businesses now and not much free time.

Cheers Simon
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