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Harman & Kardon Drive + Play Ipod controller for any car

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In excellent, unmarked condition! Looking for £40.00 + post or collection
It is in its original box with full instructions. The kit is complete with, screen, jog/shuttle control, control box (hides away unseen) , all the screws (x6), FM ariel plug adaptor, mounting/fixing plates (x3), sticky pads (x2 optional) to attach the mounting plates, allen key, hard-wired power loom and (optional unused) car charger are there as it the optional (Unused) FM transmitter (additional £14.00 new). Everything you need to install this in your vehicle.

They cost around £150.00 new.
The kit will connect into the existing car audio system via the axillary (aux in) and/or using the hard-wired FM adaptor, connecting between the car ariel and head unit. Either way this is an easy install and gives great sound - I speak as someone who has tried several other FM transmitter/adaptors and been disappointed due to the poor sound quality and build quality/reliability The Harman Kardon unit is exactly what you would expect from a premium brand audio manufacturer - great design, well built and high quality in every way!

Anyone who can operate an iPod will have no problem using this as it mimics the iPod's operation. control unit is compact and easily hidden from view as can your iPod - away from prying eyes! The screen and control/jog wheel can be mounted pretty much anywhere in the car to suit layout/driver/passenger.

I have one installed in my 9-3, connected via the ariel and it sounds excellent. This kit is one i bought in error, was bidding on two on a certain auction site and ended up winning two. I have had the screen, control box and jog wheel working in my car so it is fully functioning.

Official blurb from HK
Harman Kardon Drive + Play DP1EU puts the familiar iPod menu on a backlit display right on your car’s dashboard, where you can read it at a glance. The system is controlled by an intuitive interface that mimics the navigation on your iPod, and is just as easy to use - browse by artist, album, song, genre or composer. Mount it some place convenient and you can scroll through playlists or switch tracks at your leisure, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Simple controls: The control knob is virtually identical to iPod’s Click Wheel so it is immediately familiar to iPod users. With three mounting bases for the most comfortable placement, the Harman Kardon Drive + Play DP1EU will be your right-hand man.

Nerve centre: The brain is the hidden central hub of the Harman Kardon Drive + Play DP1EU . You can connect your iPod and place them both out of sight under a seat, in the glovebox or in the centre console, with no messy wires and no chance for damage to your iPod. It even charges your iPod when it’s plugged in.

Multiple mounting options: You can connect Harman Kardon Drive + Play DP1EU in one of two ways. Use a 3.5mm audio line output or the wired FM transmitter with five preset frequencies.

Auxiliary in: The unit has a second auxiliary input to provide access to other audio devices like navigation or mobile phone without unplugging your iPod.

Compatibility: The Harman Kardon Drive + Play DP1EU works with 3rd, 4th, 5th generation iPods, iPod mini and iPod nano. This unit can connect to and charge the latest generation iPod touch & iPhone with addition of a converter/adaptor readily available on Ebay or Amazon for around £9.99 (I am happy to point you in the right direction as required).

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