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Gutted :( Bad news about my 9000

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I'm absolutely gutted. Parked in work today and some Pikie kids jumped of the wall in the company car park onto the roof of my 9000 then onto two of my fellow workers cars.

My roof is dented badly and scratched the only car undamaged was my bosses 1995 Volvo 850 T5, but the Chief Executives Jag (well curtesy jag) was fairly bad, but he's not to bothered as it wasn't his.

The Police finally turned up and said they know who did it as someone witnessed it, but as they are under 10yrs old (8) they can't do anything.

Were moving offices in two weeks to a better area of Cardiff, talk about bad luck and timing.
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The Police finally turned up and said they know who did it as someone witnessed it, but as they are under 10yrs old (8) they can't do anything.[/b]
They can, they just don't want too.
The parents are responsible for any damages/illegal activity for under 10's

Get thatname and address and issue a small claims court action to the parents.


Cheers Andrew, I'm booked in tomorrow to get a quote on the repairs and was thinking about sending them a letter giving them the chance to pay first before using the courts.

I wasn't sure on if I stood a chance or not, but I think I've got nothing to loose by trying. I'm well p***ed off though.

Do you think I'm best getting this letter delivered by the police so there's less chance of them turning it around on me by telling any lies etc. As you never know what some people can be like.

Mind you, the police haven't exactly been too helpful with getting things resolved.


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Agreed, the small claims court can deal with claims up to £5k, don't lose heart but fight them...even if you have to claim thorough your insurance first.

I'll certainly be trying, as I don't see why I should pay for the poor up bringing of there kids.

Personnally I wouldn't let my kids out alone at that age, if I had any that is.

Thanks for the advise Andrew, appreciate it.


Don't they have to have the means to pay as well, no point if they can pay at £1 a week and then if they default you have to get the baliffs in.
Do you think it's more hassle than it's worth kommando?
Are you insured fully comp? If so claim on the insurance and let the insurers worry about getting the money. They will be looking for more than you, I expect. They will claim there costs back if they feel they can get them. If they do you can follow on as the case will have already been proved. You may need to go to the small claims court, if you win, wait a fortnight, if still no pay the court send in the bailiffs.

I've won one small claim from a lady who ran into my car. And I've been advised by my insurers not to bother as they weren't going to, when an uninsured drunk hit and wrote off my car.
I've spoken to my insurer and thought I'd wait and see what the quotation would be before putting a claim in as I'd have to pay my £150 excess if I claim.

Mind you I'll know tomorrow, hopefully that is. Its not a bad idea getting the insurer involved though, as I know from working for Admiral they hate to pay out if they don't want/have to.


Hi RichW
Have a look here this should help you with the small claims court I am just about to go down this route myself, hope this helps.

Thanks Steve, I'll check the site out and see what's what

I am sorry mate that this happened . I do not have much in form of advice. I can see the more knowledgeable members are giving you good advice. All I can say is I am really sorry for you. Something very similar almost happened to me 3 days back. I was just getting out the Safeway car park here in Haverfordwest and some Mr.Kid (probably 14ish) emerges at a very high speed on his bike from between the parked row of cars and drives through front of me missing the bumber by inches. I had to slam the brakes (fortunately I was on 1st!)I was horrified. Some kids just are not taught by parents. The parents ought to be flogged for these.
I know how it could feel particularly when we all saab owners love our cars so much. I wish you good luck and hope you are sorted out soon mate.

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Hi RichW

Sorry to read about your problem. I had a similar incident with a lad who broke into my Saab and stole the stereo. We caught him, and gave him to the police. Like you, they were not at all interested, though they were on first name terms with the lad and even offered him a lift home.

If you don't persue it through teeh small claims court, you will never know, and just perhaps it will make the father think about his responsibilites in the future.

if it helps you can make a claim on-line
Rich, just make sure they have the means to pay before taking action, eg where do they live, are they likely to own the house, what car is on the drive or parked outside etc etc. The car was in a company car park, does the company insurance cover this.
Means to pay will be an issue - you can still obtain the court order but get nothing from them and be further out of pocket - If just means if they want credit........
If you do go through small claims, the court will serve all the papers so you don't get involved other than turning up on the day..

Thanks all for the advise, it's much appreciated.

Sorry to hear about your recent incident Neel.


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