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ok folks, i have one of only 51 produced RHD ttid xwd vectors made, one of only 5 in the UK.
my question is, my insurance company are offering a guaranteed price should anything cause it to be write off. the market is set at around 8k for trade.. but... the actual value to an enthusiast is a lot higher. .
so.. full service history and only 70k miles... drives and feels/looks like new

my personal opinion is a valuation of around 12k.
but.... as my dad always said ."its only worth what someone is willing to pay".

can you help me , as i haven't got a clue as to its true value to an enthusiast..... and.. based on recommendations... an agreed value will be set for the insurance company.

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Hello blindpew, the truble is that the insurance company will look at the car as a bit of metal , and will not value it with the service history and how it drives ,
being such a unique car to the UK it's hard for anyone to value yours against another of the same age and mileage .
If you feel that the value is not to your liking you coukd try and see if there are any independent valuers that coukd value it , and give you written value , then send that to your insurance company and see if they will change the value they set .
but it depends on the value the independent valuers gives it , it may be higher or lower than the figure you think it's worth .
And also there's the cost of the valuation to consider .
Try for a start Google to see if there are any website that will give you a value FOC .
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