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You can never start planning too early for a Saab Festival. It’s an event that should be on any Saab enthusiast’s once-in-a-lifetime calendar - well… least once.

If you’ve got a convertible and you’re already reasonably close to Sweden (or willing to travel), then Jörgen T might be hosting just the event for you - the CabrioChallenge. The first CabrioChallenge was held on June 14-15 of this year - just a few weeks ago. They had 10 car participating in this inaugural event but are hoping for more next year.

There are no dates set for the 2009 event yet because the second CabrioChallenge is going to be timed to coincide with the Saab Festival in 2009 (for which there aren’t any dates yet).

So what will you get up to during this two-day festival prelude?

Although it’s called the Cabrio Challenge, there’s nothing competitive about it. It’s a beautiful two day drive between three of Sweden’s four largest lakes. This year’s program went as follows:

<blockquote>Day one consisted of a 250km drive. There were 7 special ’stages’ driven. The stages were selected for their natural grandeur, culture, and the simple fun of the roads. There was even a 2 km gravel stage!

Day one ended at Svartå Mansion, built in 1782. We lined up in nice circle in front of the main buliding. After some hours relaxation we had a private 3 course dinner in the Grand Hall.

On Sunday morning (day 2) we drove to the Gälleråsen racetrack for the Historical Track day ( a Swedish Goodwood). There were old race bikes, pre-war Bugatti racers, SAAB 2-strokers, plus all sorts of racers including the SAAB 93 LeMans race replica. I spoke to former World Champion Stig Blomquist, who did not drive but enjoyed the day.

During the lunchbreak we drove our convertibles top down on the racetrack…. great fun!

There’s a website for this event and you can view more photos and get some info in both Swedish and English. You can also view a bunch of photos at the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden forum (highly recommended).

This would be the perfect lead up to the Saab Festival in 2009 so like the headline says, if you’ve got a ragtop and you’ve got access, then block out a spot in June 2009 for not only the Saab Festival, but also the CabrioChallenge.


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