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Glove Box Dilemma...

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After slamming my glove box shut in a rare fit of rage yesterday, the damn thing wont open anymore - the handle spins round with gay abandon. It does lock now though, something it resolutely refused to do before.

Assistance most welcome chaps!

fablon John.

'80 900GLe
'85 900t16
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Hey fablon John,

Did you ever get your 99's glovebox to open, or did you take a crowbar to it in the end?

The reason I ask is that mine has done exactly the same thing, and I didn't even provoke it I've tried doing clever things like trying to tease the catch down with wire, but without success. I managed to open one corner enough to liberate a packet of cigarettes from inside (amazing the strength a nicotine-craving gives you), but all other attempts to open the damn thing have been futile.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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