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I have some strange symptons from my box, which was a recon exchange box from DCA, and is still under guarantee.

I'm wondering (it may be wishful thinking, because I don't really want to the whole swap again) if the problems might be related to the shift linkage.

The symptoms are:

* Not a smooth action changing from one gear to another sometimes.
* Going in to 5th gear, it sometimes crunches a bit, like a bad syncro.
* Changing up from first, usually after pulling away, as I take it out of first gear there is a noise and a sensation like releasing something that is under pressure - I feel a resistance and then it almost pops out, with a clonk noise. It also does this coming out of second sometimes.

The clutch seems fine.

How critical is the precision of the adjustment of the linkage? I did it the recommended way when I changed the box, but when I checked it, it seemed to be a tiny bit off - in other words, I had to put a bit of pressure on the stick to get the screwdriver to drop down the locating hole. Strangely, after doing that - even though I didn't slacken off the linkage - the gear change for about 1/2 mile felt as smooth as when I first put the box in, when it was lovely.

The gear stick feels quite loose - you can move it about 2cm left to right, and about 1 cm front to back with no resistance at all.

Could the problem be in the linkage somewhere? Love to hear some thoughts on this.
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