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Having read all the posts on the best upgrades for steering / suspension I've decided to go for a strut brace now, followed by rear arb poly bushes, then rear front wishbone poly bushes later. This way I hope to be able to report on the individual improvements or not that they make.

Bought the strut brace from those great guys at WMSS and wanted to fit it today however:
'Er indoors says "first I want the hedge trimmed". So it's out with the electric hedge trimmer and away I go. Two hours later all done, but I thought while I'm here I'll give the hydrangia a quick dead head removal and trim (with the hedge trimmer) and I might as well trim the heathers as well.
Wife comes out and goes BALLISTIC . Apparently the hydrangia needs very delicate dead head removal or it won't flower again, and she trims the heathers with nail scissors (strange I thinks) they are ten years old and her pride and joy.
"Oh well" I thinks while I'm impersonating Percy Thrower I'll give the tree that I park under a bit of a trim. Now this tree is as high as the house with about a 30 foot spread, don't know what make it is but it grows little red apple type things, which the birds eat and then s..t all over my car. Well it is not anything like as big as it was now !!!!! and the birds are going to have difficulty finding somewhere to land never mind anything else. Wife goes SUPER-BALLISTIC at this, I really can't understand why, the tree is still there (well the trunk is).

So my strut brace will have to wait till next weekend. Do you think asking the wife to give me a hand fitting it would perhaps not be a good idea.
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