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This repair is specifically for a 1989 9000 but the general principle is the same on later ones.
As those with older cars will know, the metal fuel pipes under the car rust at and above the point where they enter the engine bay.
They are coupled to the flexible fuel hoses at this point and the couplings are totally inaccessible.
I've just replaced mine as follows:
1. remove fuel pump fuse and run engine til it stalls.Then try starting it twice more to remove all fuel pressure.
2. Disconnect feed and return hoses on top of tank,accessible from the boot.
3.In the engine bay, unbolt fuel feed hose from the filter and fuel return hose from the fuel pressure regulator.
4. Under the back of the car, unbolt the couplings connecting the metal fuel pipes and the flexible ones. Be prepared for some fuel leakage.
5. Unclip the metal fuel lines along the chassis.
6. From underneath, note the orientation of the front flexible fuel lines and with an assistant's help, feed the flexible lines downwards until the couplings are below the car and accessible.
7. I suggest using Saab pipes, they come as a pair, bent to shape and with end fittings on. It's also a good idea to get a thread sealing compound for the couplings.
8. Refitting is straighforward but the front flexible pipes are preshaped and they must be coupled up in the same orientation as before.If you get under the car and look at them, you'll see what I mean.
9. Make sure you've coupled the pipes correctly ie feed from the fuel pump goes to the fuel filter. Reclip all the pipes, refasten the tank connections and the engine bay connections, replace the fuse and test -and check for leaks.
Sounds daunting, is actually fairly easy. The main thing to remember is to treat the flexible hose gently- it can be a bit brittle at times.
Any comments/corrections, please feel free. Hope this helps.

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