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does your fuel gauge always read high? as in reading higher than you have in the fuel tank, or is it stuck in the 'full tank' position?

faulty sending units that i have replaced (in my c900 and the ovloV i once owned) have shown 'empty tank' on the gauge.

i do recall a discussion here previously where fuel gauge sending units were brought up, it was mentioned that the gauge will often read 'full tank' for many miles after filling up before it starts to slowly drop, it is believed that this was designed to give the consumer a feeling that their vehicle is very fuel efficient. the gauge will then slowly drop down towards the 'empty tank' position, finally showing 'empty' well before the fuel tank actually is.

"fuel gauge reading high" does not give much information on exactly what you are experiencing, can you provide more details? i do hope that what i have posted may help somewhat
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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