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FSE Power Boost valve

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Has anyone tried fitting the FSE boost valve to their 9000 turbo, I note that they list a valve for the 2.3turbo.

Is this a worthwhile product or just a load of hype ?

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Opinions are divided on these... some specialists advocate their use, others do not. Personally I don't think they are of benefit on Trionic equipped cars, and may even cause some problems. The way I look at it is that Trionic is a clsoed loop fully adaptive system. This means that (within limits) you can alter any element and the rest of it should adjust- which is why it can cope with a fixed increse in fuel pressure. However, the FSE gives a continually varying increase in fuel pressure that will not track what is being reported by the MAP sensor and thus, I think, will make it difficult for fuelling to be accurate.

I used one on my LH/DI 9000 and it did seem to improve response. I also tried one on my Trionic 9000 and didn't notice any difference.

A few folk have reported that the pressure of FSE drifts over time and needs checking.
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I would agree with mark on this
I found a difference in response on the 900 t16s for the short time till it broke
I do not know of anyone that has fitted one to a trionic system but I would imagine that it would make a difference to a di/apc set up
I have also had experience in it drifting too...
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