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Hi all
I have just received my front wishbone rear bush set from powerflex. I was surprised to see they are in two halves as I was expecting to have to press them into the old housings...oh well, not going to complain about one job getting easier. One thing that does concern me though is that the steel tube that goes through the centre of the two halves is longer than the total length of the two halves, if you know what I mean? I was under the impression that the tube should be slightly shorter so that the bushes were compressed to produce a tight fit in the butterfly housing , especially with the bush being two halves. Also, the flange around the edge of two halves is thiner than around the other two halves. I presume that one thin and one thick goes together to make a pair. Does this sound correct?

BTW, the paired (one thick one thin) bushes equal 45mm while the central tube equals 47mm

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