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I'm posting to help others with front suspension rattles on their 9000's, of which there seem to be many. My car has now done 230k miles, and had recently developed a horrible rattle from the front suspension when going over bumps or potholes. It needed new shocks, so I fitted Sachs originals, and while handling much better, it still rattled. Next was anti-roll bar bushes, fiddly job, but still it rattled. I tightened all the steering rack bolts, as others have posted on here, still rattled like a good 'un. I was getting concerned something was going to seriously break soon, so took it to a SAAB specialist, they diagnosed the wishbone rear butterfly bushes, which were worn, but all the other bushes, track rod ends, ball joints etc, were fine. £160 later, it was still rattling!
This morning I jacked it up and applied some leverage to the front wheel with a plank and bricks, and discovered the top mountings were moving up and down and causing the rattle! Hooray, at last. They are fiddly to do up because you need to hold the centre strut with a 7mm allen key and turn the 22mm bolt, which is deep in the housing. I solved it by buying a through socket set from halfords, which is deep enough to grip the bolt and do it up tight, whilst holding the Allen key through the middle. I had originally undone it, and done up the new strut, by jamming a spanner down into the housing and turning the centre strut till I couldn't turn it any more. Obviously, it wasn't enough!
It occurs to me now, that the old shocks must have been loose in the same way before I changed them, and could be the cause of other folks woes.
I've just driven the car over every pot hole and drain I could find, and it's back to it's serene quietness. Bliss!
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