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THis was supposed to be easy. I have owned two 9000 Aeros over 20 years so kinda know what I am doing (age 78 1/2, engineer, more tools than I can use). Except one for the solid brake pipe nut.......

PROBLEM. The mounting point on the chassis has a strong grip on the hose end fitting that passes through it. I have removed the sliding clip and soaked the assembly many times with WD-40. Absolutely solid. Is it just rust or am I missing something?

THere are two bumps on the lower side of the bracket, which is a rather flimsy thing.

I thought they may be screws but nothing corresponding comes out the other side of the bracket. Perhaps they stop the hexagonal nut shape on the hose end fitting rotatating?

See photo..

If you have done this job I expect you will know the problem, if not, not? There is nothing strong to get hold of to give the old pipe some welly. Act in haste...... thanks for any help.
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