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Hi, I've been on the lookout for a classic 900 turbo as my first Saab, and my brother has been looking out for me in his area.

He found a 9000 turbo, in the local paper.
He read the ad over the phone.
"Good service history (service every 6k miles), 9000 turbo, 4 months tax, 10 months MOT £450".

I have the phone number that I could post if anyone is looking for a 9000. I would snap it up but I have to find either a buyer or free storage for my modified Skoda Favorit first (SWMBO has ruled), and I had my heart set on a Classic 900 T16 (or an '89 T8 SE) in black with Minilites. Not very picky me am I

Anyway, the 9000 was advertised in the local paper in the Crewe, Cheshire area. I'm not linked to the owner in anyway, and have never even spoken to them, just passing on info that may make someones Christmas.

Have a good one everybody.
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