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T16S Convertible, Oduardo Grey with Dover Grey leather

MY 1990, 98,000 miles

Photos here:

Extras Include:
Rare wood dashboard with VERY RARE wood ashtray and window switch surround
Almost new Saab wooden gear knob – very rare in this condition
Almost new leather gearshift gaiter
Nardi wooden steering wheel with Nardi horn push
Auxiliary VDO instruments: battery, oil pressure, oil temperature
JR reusable air filter
New front bumper skin
(value of these extras, fitted, is £1,000+)

Front auxiliary driving lights – not fog lights - wired to main beam, mounted using genuine Saab 900 under bumper brackets. Professionally fitted and wired by Saab specialist
Genuine Saab wind deflector
Tonneau Cover
Clear front corner lights and side repeaters
Intermittent windscreen wiper relay fitted
CD player
(Value of these extras, fitted approx £650)

A new hood was fitted (approx £600) just 5 years / 18,000 miles ago

I got this car in June 2003 with 69,000 on the clock. I have put 29k on it since then and have enjoyed every mile! Now it’s your turn. I do not think you will need to spend any money on it in the near (foreseeable) future. I’ve spent more than enough for both of us! Most recently (97,000): Service, including new shock absorbers, nsf bottom ball joint, centre exhaust box, drivers side window motor, alternator bushes & belts and a drive gaiter.

I have had it serviced regularly since I got it. One if the first things I did was to have sills and panels WaxOiled. I also had a new front bumper skin fitted soon after I got it. It had two new front tyres at 90,000 miles, the back ones were fitted at 72,700 and are still pretty good.

It has only ever been professionally serviced. I know my limitations and so did the previous owners. I have some service records from before I got it, dating back to 67,000 miles (it did less than 1,000 miles in 2002-2003) and I have the stamped service book as well.

All in all – it looks great and drives even better! A “genuine” vehicle. Very quick, the boost holds in the red as long as you want, and it is fantastically stable in the bends and corners.

Any negatives? … well, it is 20 years old, and although very well looked after it has not been restored. There was a chip from a large stone on the drivers door, and just about the only thing I have attempted to do myself was to sort that out. I rubbed it down, primed it and undercoated and all that stuff, but made a poor job of finishing it, and you can see what looks like a patch in one of the photos. There was also a mark on the top of the rear corner, near the spoiler, and I attempted to make that look better … I didn’t really improve matters. There were also some chips on the edge of the drivers door that I painted, not very well, and some fresh chips as well (one reason why I stopped my wife from driving it!). These are all minor blemishes that you wouldn’t normally notice until you spent some time looking at the car. There is a little bit of rust starting to show on the inside of the doors, but it is only a little and so I don’t think it will take much to cure it. Other than that there are some minor small scratches in the paintwork, from cats mostly, I think. There is one tiny chip on the bodywork near the windscreen, I have used a wax pencil on it and you can see it in one of the photos, there is also a very slight area of delamination on the windscreen. There are a couple of very small, repaired, chips in the windscreen. The leatherwork is good; I did clean it in preparation for re conditioning it, but then decided to sell the car and so I haven’t done that job. As far as the engine is concerned – it’s perfect. The gear change is the typical 900 – don’t try and get it into 5th or reverse quickly! The engine bay is clean but has never been cleaned – at least not while I’ve had it. Just remembered, the fabric is starting to come away from the door cards, you don't normally notice it, but you'd probably want to get out some glue .... easy enough to do. And there's some scratching to the black paint at the window (see the pics) it seems to be quite common on these cars. A bit of black paint would sort it.

My reason for selling? I can’t afford the luxury of this one in addition to my 9.5 Aero Estate, and I don’t have the time to drive it these days, either.

Taking into account the excellent condition and service history (I’ll send more details of servicing to genuine interested parties), together with a rare blend of extras, the asking price is about right at £5,500.

If I am not able to sell it at this price (or pretty damn close) I shall take off some of the extras and reduce the price accordingly – and sell the extras separately. So act now if you want to pick up a "fully loaded" classic.

I’m near Cambridge.

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Forgot to say (now it's just started raining) that I cleaned and re-proofed the roof a couple of weeks ago. water beading nicely again. :)
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