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1998 ® plate – 81,750 miles
Tax until Sept 07, MOT until end Jun 08
Japanese model based on Galant. First imported in 2004.

Standard Specifications:
2.5l V6 Twin Turbo engine producing 256bhp.
INVECSII Tiptronic automatic gearbox – intelligent automatic that learns your driving style and adapts the automatic shift.
4WD with Active Yaw Control (AYC) as found in the Lancer Evo 5/6 – improved acceleration, stability and cornering.
ASC/TC/ABS – Stability control system with ABS and switchable traction control.
SRS system with driver and passenger airbags
Height adjustable steering column.
3 way adjustable driver’s seat.
Hi-Vis dashboard – dials invisible when off but light up when ignition turns on.
Electric windows all round (Tinted rear)
Central locking
Climate Control (Fully working)

Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser w. remote central locking
Clear side repeaters
Full tan leather interior
Height and tilt adjustable driver’s seat
Nardi Torino Leather/Wood steering wheel.
Electric moonroof (large sunroof)
Fujitsubo Legalis R Evolution 3” Cat-back stainless steel exhaust – +10-15bhp approx but quiet
National Grooved front discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads
Apexi RSM with G-Meter – allows direct check of G-Force, acceleration and power
Sound deadened boot area – reduced exhaust and differential noise.

Good points:
Recent (2250 miles) had full engine service including Amsoil oils and coolant flush
Approx 8000miles ago it had ATF and AYC fluid changes with new Denso Iridium sparkplugs, cam belt, tensioner and idler pulley
4 new Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres <1000 miles ago
Rear pads replaced 500 miles ago
Just passed MOT with no observations
No oil or coolant leaks. Does not use any fluids between services
Always run on Super Plus fuels
Currently owned by club member with previous club history

Bad points:
Stone chips and peeling lacquer on leading edge of bonnet.
Paint peeling and cracking to front bumper – I have a facelift bumper that has not yet been fitted to make up for this.
Some wear to outside bolster on driver’s seat

The VR-4 combines performance, practicality and fun into one affordable package. Renowned for its levels of grip in all conditions this is a family car to be reckoned with, the AYC and 4WD package allows for a 0-60 time of approx 6 seconds wet or dry. With a super smooth 5 speed tiptronic box you can choose to manually shift or let the car do the hard work, the INVECS II processor will mimic your driving style allowing for up and down shifts just like you would. This car is just at home on the motorway, cruising around town or winding its way around the UK’s country roads.
The upgraded Fujitsubo 3” cat-back stainless steel exhaust is not only built to last but releases an additional 10-15bhp from the engine. Almost silent at tick-over a quick blip of the throttle lets rip with the lovely V6 growl that tells anyone this car means business. Sit next to someone at the lights and watch their face in the mirror as they are left standing by an estate car.
The leather seats, walnut dash inserts and wood/leather Nardi Torino wheel all add to the feel of executive performance but fold down the 40/60 rear seats and you have a boot that just pleads for you to load up everything including the kitchen sink! The sought-after moonroof allows rear passengers to enjoy the sunshine whilst the tinted rear and side windows protect against UV, whilst you run the climate control, or unwanted visitors when parked anywhere. Should anyone take a shine to the car the Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser will soon let you know about it.
Membership at will certainly help you along in ownership of this car. The resources are second to none and you’re sure to find help and advice a plenty from the other members. Regular club meets will keep your interest up and normally involve some kind of tweaking or servicing session.
Having had 3 club owners, one of which is the spares specialist, this car is mechanically sound and has been serviced using only Amsoil products, rated among the best in the world. At the last 9000mile service it had the front brakes upgraded to the recommended D2500 pads/National Grooved discs along with a full oil and filter change including ATF and AYC fluids. Denso iridium spark plugs were also fitted to ensure a good spark and additional earthing straps were fitted to ensure good electrical flow. The car has only been run on Super Plus (Tesco 9 or Shell V-Power)
I have only had the car for 3 months, using it is my daily driver, and were it not for the fact I am moving to Germany I would be keeping it. The previous owner only used the car at weekends for motorway travel and sold it as he just didn’t have enough time to drive it. There is an area of lacquer peeling on the bonnet and the front bumper has a couple of splits and damaged paint. There is a facelift front bumper that I was going to have fitted along with a bonnet re-spray but have not yet had time to do. I installed the Apexi RSM which gives readout of G-Forces, RPM, battery voltage, power, speed (km/h) and timings such as 0-100km/h. By configuring it correctly it provides a peak power reading which is regularly over 250ps and has seen 300+ on a couple of spirited drives.
There is a complete Japanese service book and the MOTs show the car was imported in 2004 at 69,922kms. At import a speed converter was fitted and all MOTs are available to show the continuation in miles to the current 108K reading, an additional 38k miles making a total of 81,750 miles. There is little paperwork from the UK but receipts for the brakes, timing belt and anything I have purchased are available. It recently passed the MOT with an excellent review from the tester and now has over 12 months test, tax is due at the end of August.
These cars have similar performance to the 9000 Aero (which I also have) but with amazing grip and handling too. Very little cost will bring the power up noticably too.
You are welcome to view the car but please ensure you have proof of insurance if you want to drive it. Please, no tyre kickers or test pilots.

Price - £3600 o.n.o.
For more information or to arrange a viewing please call Lee on 07733304673.
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