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For sale - 1992 classic 900 Aero LPT - 212,000 miles

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1992 J reg 900S Aero Turbo - Scarab Green (dark metallic green)

This is the light pressure turbo (145bhp) version of the classic 900 although it does have an additional intercooler fitted from a full pressure turbo.

I have owned this car for 2.5 years and it has never let me down. I have covered around 20,000 miles in daily use and it has done 212,000 miles in total; MoT is until 22/11/2010 and tax is until the end of December.

In my ownership it has had a new genuine SAAB clutch slave cylinder (clutch plates inspected at the time and are good for another 40,000 miles or so), new exhaust silencer and twin tail pipe (great sound) plus two oil changes, spark plugs, rotor arm, distributer cap, thermostat, coolant flush and replacement and power steering fluid replacement. It also had 4 new 195/60R15 V tyres around 17,000 miles ago - two of which still have plenty of tread and the other two are down to around 3-4mm.

Electric windows, sunroof and mirrors all work fine. Aerial is stuck in the up position. There a Kenwood 6CD multichanger in the boot plus stereo/tape deck. The stereo is a face-off one but the face has a loose connection - it only works sometimes but when it does the sound is great! The heated seats do not work.

The bodywork has very little visible rust - just slight surface rust on inner door bottoms and inside of bonnet. There are however scratches and small dints commensurate with age and mileage - but the worst dent is behind the offside rear wheel below the fuel flap. This happened before I bought the car; only close up does the bodywork and aero trim panel look a bit indented.

The metallic green paint is still deep and strong.

The car has the optional chrome radiator grill and leather Aero steering wheel.

The boot has a slight water leak through the rubber seal between rear window and tailgate which I have tried unsuccessfully to seal with silicone. It really needs a complete new seal to make it water tight.

The headlining is sagging but I pinned it up when I got the car and it hasn't got any worse since. It still looks respectable and rear seat passengers can still sit normally without getting it drooping in their hair. The sunroof lining has been removed but looks tidy.

The seats are still good and supportive.

The windscreen has always had a chip in it which gets mentioned as an advisory every MoT time but it never fails with it. The driver's door glass has got some scratches on it.

The car's roadholding is fantastic and it drives brilliantly and reliably - I recently went down to Cornwall from Surrey in it and it just flew down there. The turbo works like a dream and the acceleration is still blooming amazing through the mid range. The engine burns no oil and never overheats. There is a very, very slight cooland loss but I have never established the cause - perhaps a pint in 6 months or something. There are also a couple of oil weeps around the engine but nothing serious - just typical for the milage I suppose.

To sum this car up I would say it is tidy, usable and extreme fun as a daily drive. All thing considered, I think this is a car that just needs to be used and enjoyed rather than pampered and cherished.

I am looking to sell it quickly due to the driveway being too full.

For further info or photos please email me - [email protected] or call 01883 715503

Car is in Oxted, East Surrey

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