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This is really useful - many thanks.

Just to check my understanding then - when connecting in the two wires to each DCM in each door panel, I'm wondering if Tech 2 is needed at all, as the DCM aren't being changed.... just having an extra couple of wires plugged into them!

Just trying to be as tight as possible, and not have to visit the non-existent main dealers unless I really, really have to! Fingers crossed that my 2005 has the fuller loom in any case, and they just need plugging in and activating at worst.
From what I have read and this is my understanding, Tech 2 is needed to enable the option for it, I think they might just work without Tech 2 on the button on the door as that is a switch. But for them to fold automatically when locked/unlocked and after moving more than 20ft that would be a Tech 2 option as the DCM needs to tell the car that they are there for those options to work.

If you get these fitted and working can you update this thread on what you had to do. I'm interested in knowing if all I need is the switch and folding mirrors, as they have another option for a reversing posistion (don't want my nice 17's scratched!) and I'm curious to know if this works by fitting the mirrors/switch and enabling the folding in tech 2, or if there is another option in tech 2 that also needs editing, like when reverse is engaged the mirrors automatically move down to kerb level (I assume this to be the case) as potentially there could be another wire that needs wiring in to the harness.

Hope this helps,


EDIT: The auto dipping mirrors to kerb level is called Saab Parking Assist, just got to see if anyone has fitted this after buying a car or if it only comes with cars with the reversing sensors, and find a wiring diagram if it has been fitted!

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Firstly I spent a couple of hours looking at WIS and found the wiring connection points (details later). I then looked up the wiring size and colours that were originally used (I am retentive about it looking original). I ordered the correct wire type and colour and also some additional connector pins for use in the DCM.

The folding wing mirrors have an extra grey plug above the standard black electrical connection plug. This has 2 mini spade connectors in it, these are BOTH live feeds. Using a custom built (2 wires in heat shrink tubing) loom, one gets connected into pin 18 of the drivers DCM and the other into pin 31 of the same drivers DCM. Do exactly the same for the passenger side and the wiring is done.
Which wire goes to which DCM doesn't really matter because if your mirrors fold out of sync with each other, just swap the spade connectors at the grey mirror plug on one side and you are OK again!

Go to your dealer and get them to TECH2 the DCMs (both need doing) to tell them that folding mirrors are fitted.

You now have folding mirrors. What is REALLY cool is that if you forget to unfold them, they automatically fold out at 20MPH.
Major thread resurrection. I started working on this and cant see pins 18 or 31 on the DCM. Am I looking at the wrong part?
Do you create a circuit by jumpering pins 18 with 31?


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Hi, as said above the wiring won't be there but the wiring is only 2 wires from the door control module up to the mirror.

So what you need is 2 electric folding mirrors, mirror switch with folding button on it and 4 bits of wire to do the both sides.
Oh and tech2 to reprog the door modules.

A fairly easy install really.
How do you pin the wires for the foldable feature to the stock harness.
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