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Folding Door Mirrors

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Hi All,

I've currently got an 07 Plate Vector Sport with the facelift dash. It's got the manually folding mirrors. For a while I've wanted to add the electrically folding mirrors. I've been offered the door mirrors (LH: 12833414 RH: 12833421 and interior switch:12801063) at a decent price so am seriously thinking about adding this.

I realise that Tech II will be needed to make the car aware of the electric door mirrors. Is there anything else I'll need? Will the required wiring already be in place? Will the door modules just need to be reprogrammed via Tech II to tell them they've now got electric door mirrors instead of manual?

All help/advice appreciated before I take the plunge and buy the parts...

Many Thanks... James
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does anyone know where i could get both folding mirrors and the switch at a decent price ?

thanks in advance ...
does anyone know if the dealers will ship items ?

my local dealer is charging a king's ransom for these parts but dealers elsewhere in the uk have them at (almost) reasonable prices ...
i am indeed !

thanks for the update - i'll give them a try ...

would i be correct in saying that my colour coded wing mirrors are just standard units with coloured covers i.e i can take the covers from my current wing mirrors and attach them to any new wing mirrors ?

thanks in advance ...
thanks for the offer - i'm assuming that it's the same as in the first post ?

does the switch replace the existing one completely or it something else entirely ?
thanks for the quick reply. :)

can i use any of these switches then ? my 9-3 is a 56 with the facelift dash so i was sticking to the part numbers in the original post which doesn't match any of the part numbers that you posted ?
many thanks for the explanation. very helpful.

i'm also confused by the uk system. :)
the car was registered in the second half of 2006 so technically is a 2006 but i've seen it referred to as a 2007 model because t has the facelift dash f that makes sense ?

carpartsconnexion has the mirrors (as per the part numbers listed in the first post) but no switch. :-(
thanks again.

so, when looking for parts, i should be using the model year (2007 in your case according to the image above) rather than the year of manufacture (2006 in your case) ?

thanks for all your help guys ...
i can't seem to find the part online so i assume that i can order it from a dealer directly. hopefully a switch won't break the bank !

thanks again.
just to add :

i had tracked down the parts as per the original post but they are apparently for a convertible.

the parts that i was looking for (saloon, non-memory seats) are :

12798096 and 12798097

these parts are rather expensive so i won't be pursuing the matter unless i find the parts cheaper somewhere else. :)
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