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Folding Door Mirrors

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Hi All,

I've currently got an 07 Plate Vector Sport with the facelift dash. It's got the manually folding mirrors. For a while I've wanted to add the electrically folding mirrors. I've been offered the door mirrors (LH: 12833414 RH: 12833421 and interior switch:12801063) at a decent price so am seriously thinking about adding this.

I realise that Tech II will be needed to make the car aware of the electric door mirrors. Is there anything else I'll need? Will the required wiring already be in place? Will the door modules just need to be reprogrammed via Tech II to tell them they've now got electric door mirrors instead of manual?

All help/advice appreciated before I take the plunge and buy the parts...

Many Thanks... James
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Hi James, I wanted to do the same on my 06 model and I had sourced all the parts really cheaply. I had thought that the wiring may have already been in place but it wasn't. In the earlier cars they all had the same wiring loom so it was easy to add the extras it seems, after about 2005 it seems they cut down the wiring loom depending on the options. I had a garage check all of mine as I missed the extras like heated seats, folding mirrors, even the boot release switch on the door and none of it was there. Of course you may be luckier than me. I asked if they could wire in the mirrors and they could but it was going to be £300+ to do it. David
Hi James, sounds like you did the same as me, 1st thing I did was the rear view mirror and I was chuffed when I saw the wiring was there which is why I checked to see if the wiring was there for the mirrors!
Merve, is it really as simple as that? I really don't like messing around with the electrics but it may be worth me finding an auto electrician to see if it's something he can do.
Mine was just a simple plug and play, 10 minute job!
Hi Mogwye, I am really pleased you have managed to do it, is there any chance of some details of what you did? Thanks
mrdo, are you talking about Car Parts Connexion? If so, yes they will ship within the UK, I have bought quite a few bits from various dealers in the past, I guess the shipping would be about £8 as they are quite heavy.
Yes, all you will get is the basic mirror housing, you would need to swap the covers and the mirrors. If you want I will try and have a look and see the part no for the switch?
Saab93-Jet, have a look on carpartsconnexion, they had some folding mirrors on there, put the year and model in and do a search for mirrors, it should give you any that will fit your year-all you would need to do is check with the dealer as a lot of the time it will bring up parts for the convertibles and sportswagon. Saab do have a habit of changing part nos but as the website is for dealers selling off old stock the nos may not match up with the ones on here. Also, it doesn't matter if they have other functions like auto dimming as they will still fold without these functions being enabled. I did buy a set with auto dimming but as this meant even more wiring they were just wired up to fold with no problems. Hope this helps. David
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