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Folding Door Mirrors

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Hi All,

I've currently got an 07 Plate Vector Sport with the facelift dash. It's got the manually folding mirrors. For a while I've wanted to add the electrically folding mirrors. I've been offered the door mirrors (LH: 12833414 RH: 12833421 and interior switch:12801063) at a decent price so am seriously thinking about adding this.

I realise that Tech II will be needed to make the car aware of the electric door mirrors. Is there anything else I'll need? Will the required wiring already be in place? Will the door modules just need to be reprogrammed via Tech II to tell them they've now got electric door mirrors instead of manual?

All help/advice appreciated before I take the plunge and buy the parts...

Many Thanks... James
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Look at your VIN number - either through the windscreen at the bottom or on the label on the door sill when the door is open.

The 10th digit will give the model year. 6 = 2006, 7=2007 etc. The label in the door shut will give you the actual date of manufacture as well. The 2007 cars will have started being built in late August 2006.

Here's a VIN label from my 9-5. It is also a 2007 model made in 2006. VIN is YS3.........6...... with 6 as the 10th digit. The actual date of manufacture is written sideways up the right hand side. 11/2006 in my case.

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Yes. Parts are by "model year" as on the VIN. Not "actual year".
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