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To all,
After trionic and new dump etc, mid range accelaration improved, e.g; second gear, 3000 - 3500 rpm, boot = offski !!. However, when getting to that point, I feel I need to accelarate harder than I should and the engine seems to be a lot heavier. My first 9000, so no yardstick to measure by.
When in second, driving up towards 3rd, (maybe a bit quicker than a Sunday afternoon driver,but not too much more) unless I progressively boot heavier than I feel I want or need to, around the time I'm about to change from 2nd to 3rd, it seems to hit a flat spot, needle move back out of orange and back to orange/green line. Is this normal ? Maybe i am not explaining it very well !

I am going to get a straight thru silencer to replace cat soon,maybe that will help ??
other than that, things like having gear box taken apart, and drive ratio lowered etc' is not financially possible at the moment.

Specific advise or general for thread please.

Thanks, Andy
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