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Failed Inspection - Can Start In Gear

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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm correct that the 2001 9-3 does not have a starter inhibitor/neutral safety switch on models equipped with a manual gearbox, but I would like some confirmation from real experts. The Virginia state inspector failed my car because you can start the car in gear without depressing the clutch, and he insisted this is not allowed no matter if the car was equipped with such bullsaab switch from the factory or not. I know he's wrong, as I've read the inspection procedure instructions. I just want to make sure beyond any doubt that my car is operating as designed before I call the VSP Safety Division to have this inspection outcome challenged.

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The shop responded to my email:

The diagram they sent looks like a generic circuit. I don't see anything identifying a year, make or model.

I'm putting together a response including pages from the WIS online. Any additional information that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.
I am able to start my 2001 93 in gear without pressing the clutch pedal, luckily newer made any damage. No 93 OG and previous manuals do not have the switch and the handbrake is a real emergency brake not just a parking brake. You must have been dealing with some young overzealous person that needs to confirm their existence...LOL. Years ago I had my ZXR750 failed for rust on the front braking pads and after complaining they admitted it was thermal insulation of that colour and passed. Good luck.
I have to say I'm surprised! My 2004 93 has a switch on the clutch, and I certainly would have thought the 2001 would have as well. Congratulations on your diligence!
The switch on the clutch pedal is for cruise control, nothing else
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