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Facia kit

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is this the right bit..
I plan on upgrading the headunit at a later date, ive got a 2007 9-3 1.9 tid with the facelift interior and six changer radio.

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is this the correct facia kit?
seen loads of posts referring to it but saying it is much more expensive, just wondered if i'm missing extra bits or something thirty quid seems a bargain.

thx Laldie
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What head unit have you got at the moment ?
If it's the same as the photo you have put up then you can use the old cage
The one in the link is just for upgrades
yep its that one I've pictured - i'm looking at getting something like the Eonon 2621 android headunit but i want to try it out first see how the apps and stuff work - I've not used android before work phones are all apple..
I just want to get all the kit ready in advance.
that's the bit i missed... though it was too good to be true, i clicked through to your install and its very tidy btw,
could i ask you - does your Eonon use your phones data for google maps traffic data? i was considering either a 4g wifi modem or if it can use my iphones hotspot.. I looked on the Eonon manual but its not so clear.
Yes I use my phone as a WiFi hotspot, I am on 3 network with unlimited data and 30gb tethering/hotspot allowance. Its worth buying an android unit just for Google Maps, it really is the best sat nav you can get

I will be upgrading my headunit to one you mentioned in a few weeks, I need DAB radio and mine isn't compatible
Will be changing mine soon for an Eonon 2162 :thumbsup:
Am going to try rewiring the rear speakers (have JBL 6x9s) to miss the amp see what they sounds like think the amp filters them.
Kev is the aerial adaptor in this kit needed? (The one with the blue gps wire on it)
They want £20 postage to France found other kit with cheaper postage but doesn’t have this adaptor.
Finally got round to doing this as the weathers been rubbish.

got this unit Eonon 2167

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Pretty happy with the result - ended up not using the cage as it was quite a tight fit anyway, used the padding though to keep it steady.

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the facia kit was a really good fit, really neat although it needed a tiny bit of persuading to get it all together.

the dynamic sounds connection block thing was the bizzo, everything labelled and pretty straightforward.
I did as much of the loom beforehand. (everything i needed was included)

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for some reason i hooked up the reverse wire even though i didn't get the camera so now it shows a blank screen when i reverse..
aucht well not to worry, maybe i'll get a camera and sort it.

this only really left the illumination wire to piggyback on to the ashtray bulb in the car, and the rx tx bus wires which i didn't use.
I have no idea where the audio jack from the dynamic sounds connection block goes - i left it dangling - it didn't seem to make any odds anyway as the reverse sensor beeps etc still all work regardless.

worst bits:
The volume is pretty loud even at low settings - I knew this would be the case and it's no great issue, (amplified at radio and back amp)
The scariest bit was removing the air vents at the top - they basically fell to bits and despite my best effort at reconstruction i don't think they would cope with another mauling. If i ever have to remove them again i'll probably need araldite to get them back together.
I left all the cds in the old system like a numpty..

best bits are:
Hooked up usb with stacks of tunes
the new Google Driving app is brilliant and you can set up all your favourites etc from your PC
mobile tethering works well
bluetooth is good and call quality is par with the factory parrot I removed (its demise was the main reason for this project tbh)

the very very best bit was finding out how easy the ashtray, glovebox, dashboard endcaps, aircon controls and lower side trim panels were to remove and refit.
Cursing the vents then finding out the rest was peachy made my day.

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I'd recommend giving it a go it wasn't nearly as complex as i imagined,
Thx Laldie
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I just did mine a few weekends ago ,
As you say not very daunting once you get stuck in .
And the dynamic sounds facia kit and wiring is even simple enough for me to understand.
That central air vent , I kept dreading the removal, but I googled it and found where the clips were , and used a very thin screwdriver, and worked from the left bottom edge , and then along , mine came out all intact ,
As with you the sound was very loud at first ( could only reach volume level 4 before it became very loud ) .
Mines a kenwood DPX 7000 , and after going into the sound settings and tweeking the speaker sizes and
Stuff like that ( the kenwood gives you loads of options ) now it's a lot better .
It even gives you a volume advance feature which I set all inputs to -10 .
And that helped .
Thanks for the pointer lizzard-t Internetting for a way to add a Saab logo at startup I found a menu on the unit > car settings > extra settings pass[123456]> amp level - reduced it by 15db so now i can go all the way to halfway on the volume wooop, there's also a setting for turning off the reverse action - just when i had found a camera for the back - think i'll still do that anyway as i still need to fix the back wiper...
although my happiness has been cut short somewhat as my radio reception is ok at home,
however travelling about the place struggles to get any signal at all, it's going to require further investigation i think... can't do without popmaster.
I'm prolly teaching you how to suck eggs here
But did you power up the aeial on the connector that comes with the facia kit ? I know on my unit there was a wire labelled Ant and its blue . If you did then I apologise, but I have the same with mine , but mine was bad before , but with this unit it's got DAB so it just switches to that . I'm going to get a second hand aerial amplifier cos I think that's the problem
Glad you got the sound sorted .
I know exactly what you mean about Popmaster !
where did you connect the reverse wire to? I will be upgrading my eonon soon and it comes with a free rear camera so may as well use it
@lizzart-t aye think it was a blue & white wire - AMP Ctrl on the Eonon to the other loom, I thought I had powered up the aerial correctly but theres a chance its worked loose or the connectors are not properly seated, only way to check is to open it all out eeeek, i'll get to the bottom of it - i did look at my window aerials and it looks like only one side is actually connected with the wee stub clip on thing- won't really be able to check till the weekend as i use my car for work and its chokablock.

@c2Kev the connection2 kit side has it properly labeled as reverse but the eonon sticker on the radio loom called it car back or back car, made me chuckle
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