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I chose the Speedparts stage 3 as I already had full exhaust system (must include 3"down pipe) and J&R air filter, so it made sense.

Maptun seems the choice if you intend to go further than stage 3, where as speedparts is cheapest bang for your bucks.

The biggest effect is the increase in torque, the power is nice although it would seem that different cars behave in different not just depending on ecu, eg some cars are completely off the wall where as others are just okay.

You will also need to adjust the base boost level if a 3" downpipe is fitted about 2 turns on the wastegate rod (see billj's website) cannot remember which way!

I was concerned when I changed ecu that I may cause damage to the car in some way but as yet no problems, in fact averaging a better mpg, but that may just be different driving conditions.

Have Fun, Dulux
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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