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Since you have the auto box on your 2.0ltr I would reccomend speaking to both of them,the Speedparts power tends to be more mid range on the 2.0ltr lpt with a gradual increase in torque from approx. 2750rpm, thus saving the box.
Speedparts now do the lower stage mapping in-house having moved away from bsr, the higher mapping stages are done by SQR.

Maptun is also a well respected tuner and do all their mapping in-house, if I want to further increase the power on my 2.0ltr (manual)...currently Speedparts Stage 4, I would have no hessitation in dealing with them due to the feedback from this and other sites.

I chose Speedparts on price, my first upgrade was about £100 cheaper at the time of ordering compared to Maptun, so bang for buck was much better.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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