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Well thats was the car through an MOT today and all it failed on was a hole in the centre box,not bad for a car that was bought for £150!!,I took my car (2.3 auto non) down to a the people who fixed it recently (other ECU) to do a small weld on the centre box.
He said he would have disconnect both ECU's before he could do anything,I'm getting a new centre box from Saab anyway now,but has anyone ever heard of this I haven't.
And do you know I'm getting the box fitted £15 cheaper the Kwik fit & Buget ect,they all wanted £120 this other garage want £105,(I supply the pipe)and you all know they use cheap pattern [expletive deleted],well then again maybe Saab do to for all I know.
But it just shows you the dealer isn't allways the most expensive,well not allways!
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