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Re: Exhaust Flexi, Engine Mounts etc. £££

I believe we have 2 hydraulic engine mounts, each 50 pounds from eurocar parts. Also 2 torque arm and 1 gearbox rubber one. If the hydraulic ones have gone, chances are the others have gone. Poly ones are 26 each from elkparts. And oem are 10 each from euro gain.

My flexi pipe was cut off and a new one welded into place. Find a little local exhaust place - they will be abble to do it for you. Cost 40 over in NI.

A replacement downpipe was 50-60 from euro. For a carlsson, presume aero very similar.

Fitting : If you get a downpipe, small exhaust place will charge around 20 to fit (I phoned 3 different places)
The engine idea, am phoning in morning, but BillJ did his in 2 hours, what does a saab indy charge per hour? 30?

Of course you can do all yourself, I don't think any are particularly difficult....I might have a go at the mountings myself....BillJ has a step by step for both of these jobs........ !!
BillJ have you though about going pay per view on your website!!!!!!!!!!!
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