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The IAC on my my 1993 cse only took seconds to take of unplug the connection, unscrew the clips on both the hoses and pull out of the rubber ring that holds it, it sits right on top of the of the engine/manifold and is easy to take off. Best to check the hoses are clear as one of the hoses going to the valve was dirty to, also check all the hoses for leaks and that they are tight.
Use carb cleaner and a brush to clean inside it, i blocked one end and filled it up and left it for 10 min just to make sure i got all the [expletive deleted] out. Take all the connectors of the any parts like the iac,cold start inj ect spray some wd40 in and work the connections just to make sure they are not gummed up, as on my cse this was the problem as after doing this it idled spot on.
Check the pull out valve with the hoses on that comes out of the cam cover as this had shrunk was loose and i think it is linked into the iac and was not giving the iac the right pressure, so i wound some ptfe tape round it to make a good fit again.
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