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.. sorry to break the chain of Marks.

But with this 9000 (its a my1992)2.3 Turbo[/b]
Snap, 'cept mines a manual. My temp gauge also rises very very quickly. What was more scarey is that after 3 weeks of ownership I had to take it back because the fan wasn't cutting in. It proved to be a broken connection in the loom and the offending wire was replaced (under warranty). However, my cars had a recent head gasket yet it still appears to run unusually warm.

As Mark E stated, the thermostat is on the rad, however it is also VERY close to the turbo. Imho it's quite possible the excessive temperature readings could be caused by heat radiating from the turbo. Well, thats how I reasoned myself out of worrying about it.

Sidetracking slightly, my heater matrix is deffo shagged, it's misting up like godknows what at the moment. So thats probably not helping matters as I've got a slow coolant loss problem.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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