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Hi Everyone, im new here so hoping you guys could kindly help.

Today I went for a little drive to the supermarket. Id drive there no issues whatsoever. Car started perfectly and drove as it normally does. Ive been giving the car a good run at least once a week during the lockdown just to keep things ticking over nicely.

Anyway, when I'd parked up I switched the ignition off and as soon as I did that the entire electics on the car went dead. Radio, clock, doors and more worryingly the key fob became stuck in the off position and wouldnt budge.

About 5 mins later it sorted itself out ans everything semed to work albeit the clock was reading 00:00 like when you disconnect the battery.

After managing to do a quick shop I managed to get home and again the same thing happened exaclty as it did earlier.

I have no idea what the issue is, no EML came on and the issue resolved itself after few minutes both times.

Im baffled and worried that something major is wrong with the electrical system.

Please help!

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