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I bought a 9000CSE 2 LPT last year which was OK apart from a few minor problems. Well the problems came fast and thick soon after. The Air Con Compressor packed in so I put a short accessory belt on until I could get a new one. Then the exhaust, so I put a new one on. All to be expected. Then the clutch flexi tube went and a garage charged me 290 Euros to change that (yes I know) and in the process blew the seals on the slave cylinder. SO I have that to repair.
Recently though things have been getting worse, on the way back from a trip the ACC control, fuel and temp gauges, boot release from drivers door plus a few other things stopped working. I changed the blown fuse (17) which fixed it for a while and then it went again and again until I couldn't even get a fuse in without it blowing. Earth problem somewhere? I imagine so as the battery discharges it’s self even with the neutral disconnected. Then the car starts overheating, the fan works (but wasn't kicking in) so I put a new thermostat in but it still overheated without engaging the fan - more electrical problems and I suspect all related.

Well today I went to have a closer look, charged the battery and connected it up turned the ignition key only to hear a loud click from the main relay and what appears to be a very odd lack of power from the battery judging by the control panel lights which looked OK before I turned the key.

So can anyone help me at least fix the electrics so I can get the car going? Please?

Feel free to email me on [email protected]
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