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OK heres one for ya's....

Normally, put the key in the ignition, and move it to the position just before starting, the dash-board normally lights up like a christmas tree inc trip computer and lights (when they are turned on). But recently sometimes the trip comp and lights are not coming on, but the cruise contrl and radio come on.

Worst is that when the electrics do fail, the car wont start. The lights usually come on if I move the ignition back to off and then back to pre-start, but recently its getting more and more difficult to get the power to come back on.

When it first happened, it would be a couple of secs of playing with the key and it would come back on, now it can take up to a minute or two of removing the key and re-trying before it finally lights up. This si worrying me and I dont want to take it to electrician without some sort fo idea of what is going on.

Any ideas?
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