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Hello 9-5'ers

Just hoping some of you can point me in the right direction regarding my wing mirrors. I have a 2009 9-5 estate with the electric memory mirrors that also fold in. Ages ago I was changing the drivers side mirror glass and being a bit of a twerp, I broke the adjusting motor behind. Only then did I realise how difficult to find the 8 pin memory motors are. Anyway I found a Jaguar one that all seemed to be the same so naively put it in and hey presto, the mirrors haven't folded or adjusted electrically since.

I eventually found the correct motor and installed it but still nothing. However, there is power to the them as they move but only when selecting different seating positions via the memory buttons.

If anybody can help out that would be great then I can decide what I need to get them working again, whether it be the module behind the glovebox, a new mirror unit or the switches themselves?


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