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I have two Abbott Racing ECU's for 2.3 FPT from 1991 DI/APC 9000's. Both do not have TCS. My 1992 CSE 2.3 FPT DI/APC 9000 has TCS, Would I be able to put one of these in my car ? I have read that some ECU's can only work in non TCS cars, I dont mind losing the TCS system, but what else would I lose in the process ?

Also just brought a 1991 CDE 9000 2.3 FPT Auto,
In the last three years £8k spent on it, including all abbott upgrades, 17" AZEV's, Shocks and springs, ECU, Full Cat back stainless system. Interior leather is very good, and all electrics work, body work, needs a small bit of TLC. Total Cost £350 Bargain !!
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