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Dusting off wallet for timing chain/ head gasket

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spoke to Giles at abbotts last week, about timing chains,head gaskets etc, asnd he gave me some ideas of costs.
A timing chain complete replacement, chain, sprockets, shafts, guides etc would be aroung gbp.695.00 plus vat, but time chain only, replace in "siteu" would be around gbp.100 plus vat.
Also, head gasket, including studs, bolts, skimming head, welding and head set is around gbp.500 plus vat.
a price for whole lot with engine completely out in one go he says would be around gbp.1000 for everything, bearing in mind other incidentals, mounts, clutch etc..

Any advice on the above, re; prices, alternatives, other places to go etc, because although I have been happy to use Abbotts past, and will use in the future, costs needs taking into consideration.

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Andy,does the timing chain price include balance chains and sprockets? My local Saab agent quoted me £1000 for ALL chains and sprockets.If you dont have balance shafts,the job is not too bad for DIY,I think it cost me about £400 for the parts and a friends labour,not a quick week-end job though.
the price of 695 plus vat is the complete fitted kit of; balancer shaft, chain, guides and sprockets, and timing chain guides and sprockets

the head gasket would include; studs, head set, bolts, nuts, skimming, welding etc..

that altogether would add up to around 1200 plus vat, so maybe a "together price" including other incidentals involved when taking engine right out of "around" a 1000 pounds would not seem to excessive (bearing in mind a maximum agreed figure give or take a few quid could be haggled beforehand anyway)...

What is being welded in the quotation price?
Recently completed the head gasket set replacement, new exhaust studs in cylinder head, complete replacement of all timing and balance shaft chains, sprockets, guides, tensioners, water pump O rings, crankshaft oil seal, thermostat, alternator regulator, serp belt idler and tensioner pulleys along with compressor, oil, coolant air filter, plugs, new nuts, etc. all for £600.00 inclusive (parts, consumables, etc)....hate to think what a dealer would have charged for this work!
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What being welded ??, sorry dont know, he just listed what he would be doing and price, just wondering if the complete timing kit with everything listed,and head gasket inculding all things quoted seem reasonable, or any other garages in south half of England I should consider.
I am not mechanically minded, could not attempt myself at all...

giles did exactly this for me (as well as few little tweeks and a gearbox re-build)and I think it was good value considering what a main dealer would charge ,also they have a reputation to protect so you can rest assured they will do it right...
I was well pleased with the result and gave me confidence to do the other tweaks ...
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