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Noticed at Southern Meet water running away from under a couple of 9000s with Aircon, queried it, and was told it was quite normal, just iced water melting away or something.

Anyway, got me looking now. Notice a few drips coming down, let me describe where....

Looking from bonnet, right over back of engine, there is a thick pipe running down from centre area of dashboard finishing off pointing towards rear of engine ( ending and opening just behind and below oil filler cap.
It is capped off with a fitting of plastic, and looks like it has a circular flap over it ( a bit like an electrical hook-up point for a trailer or something ( sorry, cannot describe very well).
When parked, water dripping quickly( not running) out of it.
Is this same thing, or something else that needs attention??


1994, 2.3 FPT
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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