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dripping water onto road

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Noticed at Southern Meet water running away from under a couple of 9000s with Aircon, queried it, and was told it was quite normal, just iced water melting away or something.

Anyway, got me looking now. Notice a few drips coming down, let me describe where....

Looking from bonnet, right over back of engine, there is a thick pipe running down from centre area of dashboard finishing off pointing towards rear of engine ( ending and opening just behind and below oil filler cap.
It is capped off with a fitting of plastic, and looks like it has a circular flap over it ( a bit like an electrical hook-up point for a trailer or something ( sorry, cannot describe very well).
When parked, water dripping quickly( not running) out of it.
Is this same thing, or something else that needs attention??


1994, 2.3 FPT
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Don't worry, it's normal when the Aircon is running. Its condensate.
It sounds like the drain pipe from the bulkhead which is the panal behind the engine,there is a compartment behind that. you can gain access by removeing the scuttle panal (a black panal on top of the bulkhead where the wiperarms come through)this will give you access to the aircon drier and the heater matrix which is also there.this is a place where water collects and needs to have a drain off.As for the ice, this could be the aircon drier blocked wich couses the out side of the drier to freeze but there should not be that amount of ice to make the water drip out of the drain pipe.The drier is on the left under the scuttle panal as you look under the bonnet.It is a black cylindrical shape with an aircon pipe at each end(this should not freeze on the outside)
It's normal and isn't ice. The air con condenses all that nasty humidity (water vapour) out of the air. That pipe is where the water ends up (well, it ends up on the ground, actually) and on a muggy day there can be rather a lot of it. If you remember, my car looked as if it had wee'd itself. Perhaps it was expressing its opinion of the landlady and her "cluttered-up" car park.

Thanks for replys, will keep an eye on things.

Cheers, Andy

Bill.. shame SAABS cannot cock there legs, would have done the landladys roses a power of good
This gave me a fright on my first 9000 (which was my first car with air-con). My Passat (climate) also does this...
If you think the water dripping as a result of the aircon is bad, you should go somewhere really hot and humid such as Florida, and see how much water drips form the aircon units there - you get some rather impressive puddles.

Cheers, Vince
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