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Hi there sorry in advance if I've posted this in the wrong section but I've been reading and watching videos on diy carbon cleaning.
I've seen people spray water mist into the air inlet pipe whilst the engine is at running temperature and after the maf sensor whilst keeping the revs around 2500 as you do this. This is meant to clear some of the carbon build up on the piston heads.

I was just wondering if anyone has done this before?

I have a 2008 93 tid with 102700ish miles on the clock so I imagine it could do with a good carbon clean as I mainly do the shorter trips. I've also had the dpf gutted and deleted so no risk of blocking it?

Any advice would be appreciated
Nice one peeps.

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I have the same issues with my 9-5.
-Only short trip in town
-blocked DPF
-Multiple carbon deposits.
-Very poor engine performane
-Very high consumption (less than 20mpg)

For the last 8 years, I rely on my local garage to service the car and advice me.
I now found out how little the garage cared.
I now need to sort out all the problems as the garage declined to help me.

So far
-Regenerated DPF (60miles on motorway)
-Replaced the 4 glow plugs (all dead)
-No more codes
-Much better performance

I now need to address the carbon deposit. I would welcome advice on what to clean anf how?


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Take inlet manifold off and physically clean it that's the only way .
If it's the 1.9 tid then there's a YouTube video on the 1.9 CDTI same manifold.
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